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Hi, my name is Matt. Welcome to my site. I've been playing guitar for 25 years and teaching guitar for 10 years. Here you can download my video guitar lessons teaching some songs and improvisational ideas. I also offer a custom downloadable video lesson service to teach you a particular song as well as 1-2-1 tuition from my home in Wales, UK. And in the past few years, I have also started providing a guitar repair and custom building service. Check out the menu above for more details.


I have bought a couple of Matt’s lessons, and I found they were exactly what I needed – practical, hands-on detail of *exactly* how the original was played. The pace is excellent – Matt recognizes where the most important or the most demanding parts are, and places emphasis accordingly. I find that there’s everything I need to master the original performance – if I don’t succeed, then it’s entirely my fault! Richard




I've been playing (strumming really) for a while now but I've made more progress in the last year thanks to Matt's lessons. Each video lesson allows you to attack each tune in segments, then put them together to form the finished item. His instruction is clear, the camera angles are perfect, finger positions and chord diagrams are easy to follow. I've gone from strumming Brown Eyed Girl to picking Blackbird, Dear Prudence & Angie in the last few months. Cheers Matt. Chris




I'm delighted to recommend Matt Hammond's guitar lessons to beginners and advanced players. Tapping was a total mystery to me until Matt walked me through Andy McKee's "Drifting." I learned such a lot from that lesson it has given me a new lease of life. I rush home every day just to pick up the guitar and have another go.




Matt's lesson videos are great, I stumbled across him on YouTube when I was looking for lessons on how to play Bron yr Aur by Led Zep. I had wanted to learn that tune for quite a while but was never able to get my head around the tabs as I'm more of a visual learner, tabs are all good for a guideline but once I see someone actually play it then it's much easier to understand. The multiple camera angles are especially useful allowing the viewer to see what is happening with both hands at once and in detail, definitely a plus especially if you are a visual learner. I've already recommended his site to a few people including my Uncle who has recently taken up guitar for something to do in his retirement, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn a particular tune in detail or if they're having trouble using the standard "tabs from the internet and media player" combo that I often use. James Kidd




Matt’s guitar lessons are the best I have used in my many years of playing guitar. His rendition of “Dear Prudence,” for example, is the most accurate reading of the original song I have found in thirty-five years. Matt leaves nothing to chance: he teaches his lessons slowly, clearly, and completely. I have also had the opportunity to work on a song with Matt directly through Skype video lessons. What fun, helpful and engaging experiences they have been. Matt is a good-hearted, funny, high-quality teacher. I strongly recommend that you buy Matt’s lessons and take a lesson from him directly. Matt has helped me develop my guitar playing beyond what I ever expected.


"Larry P" - laserjet@optonline.net


I downloaded "Is there anybody out there" recently. I'm working my way through it. The way the video is shot is ideal for following both hands and the way you've broken down the tune makes learning easy. Your site is just what I was looking for. I'll be back once I've mastered this Floyd classic.




Loved the detailed explanation and the slow and steady method you used to help me get it just right. The different camera angles also helped a tone as well as you allowing and suggesting for me to go off and practice. I recommend every single one of Mat's videos basically because they are the best out there!




I found a link from You tube to Matt's lesson on "Drifting" No one else was offering as much detail in the teaching of this instrumental as Matt. His camera angles and teaching methods are simple and easy to follow. The amount I paid to learn this in such detail is unbelievable low in terms of value.. Check out his material and see for yourself... you'l probably end up being one of his students just like me.




"At last, clear lessons, presented in an easy to understand and modest manner that provide a thorough breakdown of technique and value for money, something I have found to be lacking from other sites on the web"




Matt’s tutorials are the real deal. I have purchased from ivideosongs.com, but Matt’s lessons are much better. He goes into more detail and does a better job explaining the song. In other lessons, they will often skip over important things like the strumming pattern, for instance, but Matt gives you everything you need to know to play the song.




I must say first of all I have purchased 4 of Matt's songs now ... including one that I had requested him to do, so if there is a song you want to learn and he hasn't done it yet ... just ask ! It was a song that I've always wanted to learn and Matt and his brother broke it down so that it was very easy to learn. And having the two camera angles helps a lot as well . When you have had enough playing for a while ... you can turn it off and come back later to continue learning the song, which I think is great in my busy schedule . Again hats off to you guys and keep up the great work ! Blair Archer